Friday, November 13, 2009

Prep Check

A nor'easter hit my area this week - yesterday & last night were the worst of it. While we haven't lost power, I'm still counting it as a prep check - at least for my nerves!

We woke up yesterday to the wind and rain hitting the building, and wind-lashed trees. The weather worsened as the day passed. I filled extra jugs with water, in case they were needed. I made sure chores were caught up, and cooked dinner early. The power flickered, so I lit candles and the oil lamp in case it went out. Then we turned on the scanner to see what we could hear - lots of trees down, roads flooded; they had to put up a second set of barriers in at least one place because the first set floated off. A scanner is a wonderful thing to have during a storm or other emergency.

The worst is now over. My only real concern last night was cooking if the power went out. We had water, food, light, plenty of non-electric things to do, and it wasn't cold.

Assessment: I need to find a non-electric way to cook during storms, and get a bit more in the way of oil lamps and supplies for them.

So far, so good!

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