Wondering why we are doing this, and what Apartment Homesteading is?

We are doing this because we'd like to become more self-sufficient. Being un- or under- employed a few times taught us well. So did a week or two without power - we live in hurricane country. When I set out to learn more about what we want to do, the key search word seemed to be "homestead." The vast majority of the information I've found has been for people who have land - anywhere from quarter acre to 20 acres or more. Most of the urban homesteading information has been, and still is, for people who own their home and a bit of land.

Since we live in an urban area, in an apartment rather than a house, the blog became Mini-Homestead: an Apartment Homestead that's miniature compared to so many out there.

I've learned to knit, crochet, spin, make pie crust, can food, dry food, and make my own dry mixes. We buy local, fresh food and put it up for the winter. I also make at least some of my own hair care items, salve, lip balm, and hand cream. I'm re-teaching myself how to sew. We cook from scratch and eat the leftovers. We buy secondhand where it makes sense, and buy quality items new when that makes sense. We're paying off the debt.

We are learning to be as self-sufficient as possible, right where we are.