Sunday, July 18, 2010

Independance Days through 7/18/2010

It's staying in the 90's to low 100's. We woke this morning to the power off but are glad it was back on at noon. The water did stay on throughout, but we made sure we'd have been ok if it hadn't.

This is two week's worth of updates, since I missed last week.

1. Plant something: Nothing, it's just too hot. I am careful to make sure the plants get enough water to help them deal with the heat.

2. Harvest something: Nothing - letting the plants grow some more, first.

3. Preserved something: Basil, a bit of mint, a dozen red/green peppers, all from the local market.

4. Waste not: recycling, leftovers,

5. Want not: One bag waiting to get to the thrift, and another to the local SPCA (they accept donations of items they can use or sell; you can get cat carriers there for ex.)

6. Build community: went to farmers market.

7. Eat the food: Good so far.

8. Crafting: Still a bit to do on the afghan, and the leaf-heart squares. I'm doing sewing repairs and trying to hold off on my cross-stitch. I want to do it, and yet all this other stuff is here, and ... Also, I re-arranged the stashes (yes, plural) yesterday. Easier access and the spaces look bigger. Win!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just In Case, and Pet Evacuation Planning

I bought Kathy Harrison's Just In Case, and it's been very useful. It's the best one I've read as far as realistic support and information for someone trying to be prepared while living in an urban apartment in hurricane country.

The only weakness I could find, for us, was that I'd have liked more information on evacuating with pets. We have two cats, so I've been planning for them, and have needed to do a bit more than what she mentioned.

If we need to evacuate, we will bring the cats. We would rather not board them while we're out of area (even in the new area), but I'm not certain my family members would be willing to let the cats visit =). So, the plans are to get both cats up-to-date on shots. My criteria for needed shots is the minimum requirements for boarding at a kennel, so I will be calling kennels in both our bug-out locations and checking what they need, as well as keeping their information (the health records, and the kennel information) in an easy-to-reach location so we can get it on the way out.

Also, I'm making sure that we have enough food and litter for the both of them. I have a puppy-training crate that I will un-bury, and they can fit (tightly, but they'll fit) in that while we are staying with someone. I'd like a larger cage, with more space for their comfort, but can't afford that right now. There is a food bowl that bolts to the side, and a hamster-type water bottle as well. They sell disposable litter boxes that can be used in it, and I have extra fleece for them to curl in.The carry-bag is out where it will smell 'normal' and they can become used to it - Daemon has taken to sleeping in it :) I still need to get harnesses or collars and train them to those, as well.

For the record, I have no affiliation with Kathy Harrison. I simply bought her book, and find both it and her blog useful and enjoyable.

Just In Case Book Blog (Kathy's blog)
Just In Case (site for the book)
American Veterinary Medical Association: Disaster Preparedness Pet Items: page and PDF file

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independance Day Challenge - 6 July 2010

Another heat wave, with a few days of high 80's in between. I'm keeping cool as best I can, not doing much in the heat of the day.

1. Plant something: Repotted the oregano and aloe.

2. Harvest something: The first snippets of herbs...

3. Preserved something: ... dried for winter.

4. Waste not: recycling, leftovers,

5. Want not: nothing here.

6. Build community: went to farmers market.

7. Eat the food: We've not done so well this week; one melon lost uneaten, the other needs snacking in the fridge. All the squash is still in the fridge needing eaten (tonight?).

8. Crafting: I think the afghan is done - I'll know when I find the remaining squares (I finished them and put them "aside." I wonder where that is?). Making progress on the leaf-heart squares. I also made crochet stitch markers with copper wire and shell pieces from the beading section at the craft store. So far, so good.