Sunday, January 23, 2011

Independance Day - 23 January 2010

The seed catalogs are here. I need to see what seed I have, and what I'd like. And where I'm going to plant it!

Waste not: making an effort to use leftovers. Learning to better use our open-face fireplace (ya know, the kind they say not to use because it's so inefficient? that kind.)

Want not: Sorting through stored items, and doing the mental planning to re-arrange the way items are stored around the house.

Build community: I've been hibernating. Which, granted, isn't that far from usual. I like my cave.

Eat the food: Chicken pot pie. Using a planned menu to select dinner from. Trying new recipes.

Crafting: I'm working on a blanket on commission. Not something I'll do much of but the money will be nice.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Independance Days January 11, 2011

Plant/Harvest/Preserve something: nothing

Waste not (preparations): I found good flannel at the local thrift and also a sturdy picnic/project basket with a lid. They've got a good stock right now of winter coats (wool trench coat, $15!), comforters, and blankets. They said they've been selling slow despite the cold temps locally.

Want not (manage your stores): I'm learning to cook with dried beans. It really is easier than it sounds, not much more pre-planning than we're already doing.

Build community: Hoping that My Farmer will start a CSA; I'll be able to cut down actual farm market trips in mid-summer's noon heat, since I mostly buy from her already.

Eat the food:I'm playing more of those games called "rubber meat" and "leftover surprise" - sometime it's the same game, like when last night's roast beef and the night before's greens meet in tonight's beef & veggie stew. Tomorrow: Pot pie!

For January, I planned meals for the month (not the order, just XX many options) and used what was on hand as much as I could. So far, so good - this has always been a challenge for me.

Crafting: My break is over. I'm working on a commissioned crochet blanket, then on to my fingerless gloves and cowl before making us all earflap hats. If, of course, I don't change the que order again.....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Independance Days - January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

Plant/Harvest/Preserve something: Nothing.

Waste not: Lots of leftovers for lunch & dinner.

Want not: The home is insulated as best we can. I've started a new budget, using a new spreadsheet. So far, so good!

Build community: Still not much, still hibernating.

Eat the food: I made a menu for the month, and bought groceries based off that. Hopefully that means I won't be making frequent stops at the grocer this month. We're also learning to cook with dried beans rather than store-canned.

Crafting: I've been sewing. The repair pile has been taken care of, and the car pillows I'm making are about half done. Those are for long trips in the car, made of scraps (an old pillow cut in half, remnants of cotton 'decor' fabric). Sturdy enough for the abuse they'll get, and easy to clean.