Monday, August 10, 2009

Independance Day: Week 8

1. Plant something – nothing; too hot. I think everything hits survival mode when it hits 100' and humid.

2. Harvest something – Nothing (see above).

3. Preserve something – Dried watermelon chunks - tastes like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Saving the rinds to make more Candied Watermelon Rinds (very popular!). Dried the last of the green peppers - I think this should last the winter. Canned 7 pints chicken.

4. Reduce waste – Regular recycling and eating of leftovers.

5. Preparation and Storage – Replaced old dehydrator with a new one that is larger and has all the desired features (clear top, temp selection, on/off switch, easy access to accessories & good reputation)

6. Build Community Food Systems – Farmers market. Working on dried foods from local foodshed for Yule gifts.

7. Eat the Food – Steamed squash for dinner, sliced cucumbers are now a staple snack. Watermelon. Lots of sliced tomatoes.

8. Crafting – Made a linen tank top. Another is cut, needs sewn; realized I need more fabric for the others. Planning a quilt for us.

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