Monday, February 28, 2011

Independence Day Challenge 28 Feb 2011

1. Plant something: Nothing. Still need to hang the new planters. I'll direct-sow then. This weekend?

2. Harvest something & 3. Preserved something: nothing =)

4. Waste not (preparations): Prepped dried pinto beans (now cooked & in freezer) so that they're ready the next time we want refried beans.

5. Want not (manage your stores): We did fairly well with not eating out much, and not making many just-one-thing trips to the grocer. The monthly 'options list' version of a menu works for us. Yay!

6. Build community: Checked on a new local meat source (beef/pork). Getting local chevon (goat meat) again would be nice, too. Heck, having a goat would be nice (milk!), but I don't think they'd stay on the balcony...

7. Eat the food: Cooking from scratch, finding recipes that use what we have. Winter Bean Soup was very good; I used a pinch of anise seed for the fennel. I've really got to learn to put up more veggies; dried greens and tomato slices do not a meal make....

8. Crafting: More spinning =)

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