Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Independance Day Challenge - 8 February 2010

It's been a quiet week. We're still putting away the last of the items that were in storage. They are in cardboard boxes, and I won't put those in a unit that's had water damage 3 times in a year or so. I bought them my 'standard' plastic bins. As much as I try to avoid plastic, for this I haven't been able to.

Plant something/Harvest something:
Nothing. I'm watching to see what freezes and what survives on the patio, does that count?

Preserved something: The freezer is filling - homemade broths, mostly. This is the time of year when I get over-stocked on broths that we spend all summer nibbling away at. It tends to run out in late summer.

Waste not (preparations): During tonight's power outage (all 2 hours or so) I taught DFH and DD how to use the oil lamp, and realized that I ought to have more non-electric light sources 'to hand' instead of 'in the top of the closet.' I'm also going to keep an eye out for a silver or silverplate platter to hang on the wall behind the 'candle shelf' to reflect more light into our main living area.

Want not (manage your stores): Mostly keeping up with the inventory system we set up. Working on better organization in all areas - the attached storage has standardized, clear bins with clip-on lids now, and a basic description ("Home Decor," "Yule Decor," "Blankets," etc.) is taped inside of it (on the narrow end) so that we can read it from outside the bin without having to move them. The desk area has been straightened and has better storage. I'm working on getting the recipe cards onto paper sheets, and into the recipe binder I was given for Yule.

Build community: nothing, still focused on home.

Eat the food:
Learning to cook beans and rice more. Both to be frugal, and to play with food - I mean, to learn new recipes! Yea, that's it. Learn new recipes.

Crafting: I made mesh bags with tulle I found at the thrift ages ago, and used the bags to wash the alpaca fleece I bought last December at a farmer's market. One is drying, the other is still soaking out dirt. They liked their dust baths, yup! Also still working on that commission blanket.


  1. I used to keep a mirror behind my oil lamps to reflect the light but I think the silver platter is an excellent idea, too! It reminds me that I really need to rehang that mirror and the little shelf so that I can have that ambience and effective lighting back!

  2. I did go look at the silver platter. It's too heavy to hang on the wall where we need it. So instead I'll have to find something else; really not sure what yet. Nothing framed, since there is a painting above it. I'm wondering if those 12" mirror squares would look ok or not, now.