Monday, March 7, 2011

Independance Day Challenge 6 March 2011

I'm in a bit of a hibernating mood. Not wanting lots of outside contact or to do much; hot chocolate, a book, and a rainy afternoon sound wonderful.

1. Plant something: Nothing. Wanted to put up planters, so of course it's pouring rain out. (Sunday)

2. Harvest something/ 3. Preserved something: too early still...

4. Waste not (preparations): Paid off one credit card in full.

5. Want not (manage your stores): Realized we ran out of veggies, and bought mostly seasonal fresh veggies (squashes, root veggies) and not so much of the commercially canned stuff.

6. Build community: Nothing.

7. Eat the food: Would you believe I can't remember what I've cooked this week? The only thing I remember is that a supply of diced root veggies can be added to soup, and the rest of it roasted - half hour's work, two or three night's dinners. Cool.

8. Crafting: Working on the commission blanket, and on writing my recipes down so they can go in the binder. Next up is the finance's cross-stitch stocking that I'm making. I think I'm about half-done with it, but it won't get finished if I never pick it up to work on it...

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