Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Independance Day - 1 February 2011

The weekend was busy, and I didn't have time to look at the blog. We're out of the rented storage unit but still have to properly put everything where it belongs, rather than chucking it in a convenient corner.

Plant something/Harvest something:
Nothing yet. Planting can start in March; right now I need to plan.

Preserved something: Freezing leftovers before they can go bad. I'm going to have a couple nights where this means dinner just needs thawed =)

Waste not (preparations): Preparations right now are all financial - balancing the budget and the checkbook, reducing debt as fast as we can.

Want not (manage your stores): Maintaining the inventory for the second pantry.

Build community: Spreading the word about a new local CSA.

Eat the food: Eating out of the pantry and finding new beans & rice meals to try. The menu planning experiment continues! Last month, it was successful 3 weeks out of 4.

Crafting: Still working on the commission blanket.

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