Sunday, February 20, 2011

Independance Day 20 February 2011

In the garden: I've decided not to order any garden seeds this year. I have local organic sweet potatoes and want to learn how to grow slips from them, because I know they will do well on the patio. We have seeds for greens and some root veggies. I want to get the manger planters hung and use those for lettuce, radish, chard, and beets as soon as I can direct-seed. The two biggest pots will get the sweet potatoes; the others we'll try the collards and/or broccoli. And we already have all the seeds for this, so no need to order more.

Preserved something: Nothing, other than usual freezing of leftovers.

Waste not (preparations): I'm staying up with the finances (keeping up the budget, not spending money we don't have). Not the usual, but all I've really done this week.

Want not (manage your stores): We've been maintaining (mostly) the written inventory for the second pantry. We've finished the home-canned diced tomatoes already - I was expecting to run out early, since I knew we didn't get enough put up. Also, we finished putting up the items that came back from off-site storage. I've neatened up my fiber storage and cleaned off the sewing machine.

Build community: I have been home all week; was very sick the first few days but fine by Friday. I didn't want to get anyone sick!

Eat the food: Peanut butter cookies. Chili, tacos, dirty rice. Nice normal foods, but we've managed to not buy anything except milk, cereal, and cup-o-soup since the big shopping trip at the first of the month. Yay! Success!

Crafting: Still working on the commission blanket. In better news, DFH bought me a new spindle for Valentines Day. The box came with two spindles and a bit of roving which I've already spun up. Yay! The spindle is great =)

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