Sunday, January 23, 2011

Independance Day - 23 January 2010

The seed catalogs are here. I need to see what seed I have, and what I'd like. And where I'm going to plant it!

Waste not: making an effort to use leftovers. Learning to better use our open-face fireplace (ya know, the kind they say not to use because it's so inefficient? that kind.)

Want not: Sorting through stored items, and doing the mental planning to re-arrange the way items are stored around the house.

Build community: I've been hibernating. Which, granted, isn't that far from usual. I like my cave.

Eat the food: Chicken pot pie. Using a planned menu to select dinner from. Trying new recipes.

Crafting: I'm working on a blanket on commission. Not something I'll do much of but the money will be nice.


  1. Hi, I am from Ravelry. I did not realize that you homesteaded in an apartment. When I first started on my road to homesteading I started in a small apartment in Portland Maine. There is so much you can do in the city. I had a community garden plot, and a small deck for containers, I knit, joined a csa at the farmer's market, learned to can,joined a barter network. I look forward to reading more about what you are doing.


  2. Hi Karin! Nice to have you visit =) I didn't realize you started in an apartment, too.

    The short version of what we've learned is on the About page. I enjoy canning; making my own "instafood" is nice, and I like having a full pantry. It's soothing, somehow.