Thursday, December 30, 2010

Windows Update

Having gotten the windows done just in time for the snowstorm last weekend, I'm happy to say they work wonders. The entire house felt warmer, and the chill that used to stay in the air (even with the heat at 70'f) is gone. The heat is turned down a bit and we're still more comfortable. In the evenings we sometimes use the fireplace for supplemental heat in the main area. It gets toasty warm and even the cat curls up to watch the fire dance.

I'm now planning on getting a window film for the patio window. It's too large for the shrink wrap. the film has the bonus of helping block heat gain in the summer, plus a smaller-but-still-there effect with keeping the heat inside in the summer. Since we are in the South and this is largest window in the house, blocking heat gain is a good thing. I just need to find out when it goes on (while it's warm out?) and what it's going to cost.

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  1. How cold do you get, Lorri? I've always found that plastic wrapping windows is a great heat-saver. The only negative is that it needs to be reapplied every winter.

    I can remember a high school friend who lived in a 1700s stone house - they had heavy wooden shutters that bolted to the windows in the winter. It made the house dark, but it was definitely insulating.

  2. Not very cold down here. It rarely goes below 30'f/-1'c.

    This is part of my game, where I see how low I can get our average daily electric usage. And ~everything~ in this apartment is electric.

    That is neat about the shutters in the stone house.