Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airlock is up

We could feel a difference within five minutes of this being hung. We've also learned that we can't hear the neighbors as well as before (bonus!).

I used two 7ft+ lengths of 54" flannel-backed white vinyl. The backing is thicker that what they called 'tablecloth vinyl' and it cost a bit more., but I feel the thicker backing will help insulate more. The pieces are hung flannel sides together, held by the clips. The hall is 42" wide, so the extra 12" allows for better contact on the sides, to keep the colder air out of the living area. The vinyl means that any water that gets on the fabric will just slide right off without me having to wash it.

The bar & clips are a bit sturdier than needed - we had done this before, using a thick blanket, and needed the strength then.

Vinyl: approx. 14 feet (4.6 yards) at $9.99 a yard, with 50% off coupons. Cost: $25
Closet bar: $15?
Curtain clips: $15? These are one of the sturdier options.

Total cost: $55.

Pretty good, especially when all the items can be re-used without damage for other projects when they aren't needed here any longer. We will probably keep this up year-round at this apartment.

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