Monday, December 20, 2010

Independance Days - 20 December 2010

The spinning rests between Mother's Night and the beginning of the New Year. Solstice is coming, and the days will once again grow longer.

Plant/Harvest something: Nothing; the ground is frozen - we got an early snow! I did get out there and clean things up, though.

Preserved something: nothing.

Waste not: apple desserts made with apples that are good but interesting. Soups made with homemade broths and lonely root veggies.

Want not:Still getting the things we need to insulate the house. Thankfully Home Depot and Joann's shouldn't have the crowds the mall does.

Build community: Nothing much. I'm being a homebody, and staying away from the insanity of the area we live in - so close to Christmas, so close to the malls and so much retail, I'm staying home whenever I can!

Eat the food: Finding all kinds of ways to eat eggs, since I ended up with extra. We're eating out of the pantry as much as we can. Leftovers, planned overs, interesting combination.

Crafting: I finished our niece's blanket, and haven't picked up anything since. Until the New Year I'm taking a break from yarn and spinning. I want to work on my love's cross-stitch stocking sometime this week, and do some sewing.

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