Sunday, October 4, 2009

Independance Day Update

1. Plant something – nothing.

2. Harvest something – Nothing grew :( Well, the Brussels sprouts are happy but no seeds came up. I've moved the chocolate mint into the house; it keeps shrinking over the years and I'm hoping this will help.

3. Preserve something – Dried mashed potato flakes, from fresh potatoes.

4. Reduce waste – Regular recycling and eating of leftovers. Trying to have more planned-overs than left-overs. Large load to thrift store ( see below)

5. Preparation and Storage – for unrelated reasons, went completely through the storage unit. Tossed about 5 trash bags of items that couldn't be saved, and donated 2 large items & another car load. While I do have a tad more to put out there, we are now using half of a unit that was packed to the gills. Also, re-organized freezer. I can find stuff now! Yay!

6. Build Community Food Systems – Bought apple cider and apple butter at a local fair. Also farmers market. Picked up items for three co-workers. Tempting worked!

7. Eat the Food – Root stew. For 3 days, and yet it wasn't leftovers. One night main dish, second night with chicken& stuffing, third night with sausage - nice flavor combo, there.
ETA: Homemade jam in my yogurt, nearly every day. Yum!

8. Crafting – Started a sachet bag for the sock class, due Saturday. I can have new yarn for the class socks :) Storage baskets are the slow project, and still being worked on. However, my crochet is getting better because of this project.

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