Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Independance Day update

1. Plant something – nothing.

2. Harvest something – Nothing.

3. Preserve something – Basil frozen.

4. Reduce waste – Regular recycling and eating of leftovers. Saved dead batteries from work, to be correctly disposed of later.

5. Preparation and Storage – Found taper candles, 98c. for 15. Yay!

6. Build Community Food Systems – Farmers market. Still encouraging coworkers to buy from there, including offering to pick up for them.

7. Eat the Food – Ate the last of the venison from the freezer, and saved the broth for my mushroom soup. This week's menu will alternate meat & non-meat nights, as we learn to cut back our meats. Slow-roasted a local chicken in the cast-iron dutch oven; delicious!

8. Crafting – Still crocheting storage baskets. Also, picked up yummy sock yarns and a pair of circular needles. I started a coin bag on those - it's part of the practice for the knitting socks class I'm now taking, which starts in October. I haven't done cross-stitch in weeks, I need to visit that again as well.

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