Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independance Day Update: Week3

1. Plant something – nothing. Need to look at what I can grow next.

2. Harvest something – Nothing.

3. Preserve something – Made local-farm beef broth. Made Beef Stew.

4. Reduce waste – Used fabric scraps for small project. Regular recycling.

5. Preparation and Storage – Made local-farm beef broth for canning. Planning what we need for winter, so I can get it at the farm market and preserve it.

6. Build Community Food Systems – Visited farmers market, bought meat & veggies. I'm planning menus around what I find there. Beef Stew: about half of the ingredients were locally grown/ raised.

7. Eat the Food – Canned beef stew & beef broth for winter. Trying a new coleslaw recipe with honey and maple syrup instead of sugar. Ate our way through the full fridge.

8. Crafting – Planned out two new skirts and several tops. Picked up the fabric and notions. It's in the 90's already; I need cooler clothing to wear.

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