Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teaching Myself to Sew....

from books and what I remember of a long-ago 8th grade home ec. class. I remembered to lock my stitches and how to sew a hem. That was about it.

I've made a couple of t-shirts, and even adjusted the pattern. That wasn't hard because it had a line saying "add length here" which is what I needed! The one I chose also has three choices for collars and sleeve lengths - which makes it very flexible. The shirts I've made are comfortable and look good. None have sleeves yet, because when I tried to add them I found out they won't fit me without adjusting the pattern. While I do have a book that tells me how to do it, I haven't been that brave yet!

I've also modified pillow cases, made a couple from an extra sheet, and done some basic repairs. If it's fixable and not something I'll be heartbroken to loose, I'll try fixing it and count it no-loss if it doesn't work. So far, so good!

Have you tried to teach yourself something new?


  1. My mother was just saying yesterday, "With everything you've been doing and learning, why aren't you learning to sew?" I have nightmares from Home Ec days - I was absolutely awful and I don't remember learning a thing.

    So I envy you. I want to learn how to sew.

  2. I remembered how to sew a seam and that was about it! I'm using books and websites for the rest. I use two together - "How to Use, Adapt and Design Sewing Patterns" by L. Hollahan and "The Perfect Fit." "Fit" has you make a paper guide so you can see where you're off the 'standard' measurements and how to fix your clothes; the other one helps you design clothes and has a chapter on basic sewing techniques - it's worth the cost just for that.