Monday, May 2, 2011

Independance Day 2 May 2011

The community garden seems to be getting a great response - They started with 20 plots; now there are 78 plots tilled and most of them have something going on. We've got about half of ours in the ground. More seed to plant still, and I want to get a bale or two of straw to mulch with.

1. Plant something: Lots of things! Still more going in, and I need to get seeds and straw for mulch.

2. Harvest something: nothing yet.

3. Preserved something: nothing yet.

4. Waste not (preparations): Making sure we finish eating the leftovers.

5. Want not (manage your stores): Re-made my custom shopping list and used that this month. I'm less likely to forget stuff we need.

6. Build community: Meeting the other folk at the community garden.

7. Eat the food: Yes. LOL still can't remember what we've eaten, other than trying a recipe for lo mien last night. It came out pretty good!

8. Crafting: Finished the commission blanket. Next up is my fingerless gloves.

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