Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Independance Days January 11, 2011

Plant/Harvest/Preserve something: nothing

Waste not (preparations): I found good flannel at the local thrift and also a sturdy picnic/project basket with a lid. They've got a good stock right now of winter coats (wool trench coat, $15!), comforters, and blankets. They said they've been selling slow despite the cold temps locally.

Want not (manage your stores): I'm learning to cook with dried beans. It really is easier than it sounds, not much more pre-planning than we're already doing.

Build community: Hoping that My Farmer will start a CSA; I'll be able to cut down actual farm market trips in mid-summer's noon heat, since I mostly buy from her already.

Eat the food:I'm playing more of those games called "rubber meat" and "leftover surprise" - sometime it's the same game, like when last night's roast beef and the night before's greens meet in tonight's beef & veggie stew. Tomorrow: Pot pie!

For January, I planned meals for the month (not the order, just XX many options) and used what was on hand as much as I could. So far, so good - this has always been a challenge for me.

Crafting: My break is over. I'm working on a commissioned crochet blanket, then on to my fingerless gloves and cowl before making us all earflap hats. If, of course, I don't change the que order again.....

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