Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Diaster Prep Update

Life, Rescheduled....

Well, we found another oil lamp at the thrift store. It's being cleaned now. That makes 4 table-style oil lamps. We need kits for them (extra wicks and such) but I think we may be ok with those now. I do want a Alladin lamp or two, and a reflective lantern.

Our next planned prep order is a multi-fuel camping stove. One of the reasons we chose that one is that we can use gathered fuel. We won't be dependent on what the stores have stocked, or if they are open in the first place! I want to see if I can cook on that when it's in the fireplace - that would give us a good place to cook with inclement weather. I do expect to use it more on the patio, though.

We've ordered the hand-powered washer and are waiting for it to arrive. We will need to do something for line-drying, but the retractable line was out of stock so I still need to get that. One collapsible rack doesn't hold as much as I'd like, although it will do the job.

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